The cost of status quo…

The game is changing in higher ed. Graduation rates have stalled
for decades, spending per student is down, and funding
is now tied to performance in 38 states.

Doing more of the same is no longer doing enough.

Although graduation rates have hovered at 60%
for more than 20 years, institutions continue to invest
in students the same way they always have: well-intended
initiatives that served students of the past.

But students have changed.

74% of today's college students now fall
into the "non-traditional" category​…

Civitas Learning® can help you meet the needs of non-traditional students…

The right student initiatives can dramatically improve retention and graduation rates and unlock additional performance-based funding.

As state funding and student diversity continue
to change, it's critical that initiatives reach
the right students at the right time.

The status quo has not yielded the desired results,
and institutions have no real insight into which
initiatives are actually working… Or for whom.

If you want BETTER results,

     you have to try something BETTER.

What if there were a software tool that measured
the efficacy – and optimized the impact –
of your student success initiatives?

What about the initiatives that didn't perform as well?

Of the 40% of initiatives that didn't display any overall positive
impact, our research also shows that 15% of students
still benefited from these seemingly ineffective initiatives.

University of Missouri-Kansas City's HLC Quality Initiative Project identified key research questions and used student data to implement significant institutional changes. Monroe Community College analyzed their Center for Academic Reading with Impact, uncovering substantial lift in student persistence and ROI.

How are 4-year and 2-year institutions applying these insights?


Impact® decodes these data, empowering
advisors, faculty, and administrators to:

Personalize Support  •  Scale Meaningful Action  •  Measure Efficacy

Improving student outcomes begins with just one small step.

We've created an inventory to help you take stock of your student success initiatives. Get started now.

Our research shows 60% of initiatives had a positive impact
on student retention, increasing their likelihood to return
the next term on average by 2.91 percentage points.

We've even uncovered which initiatives work best.

Download This Infographic

Impact® is Civitas Learning's
efficacy measurement solution that provides unparalleled
insight into your initiatives'
effects on student retention.
It identifies which specific
student groups benefit the
most from those initiatives.

Graduation and
retention rates will
remain stagnant

Students will not
get the support
they need, when
they need it

Institutions won't
be able to unlock
performance-based funding or capture
returned revenue

The clarity you've
been waiting for