Meet the Authors and Download Chapters Featuring Mark Milliron, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Civitas Learning



This new book features 23 award-winning authors from 12 national organizations who share thoughts on how advances in technology, diversity in student populations, economics, and more are having a profound effect on community colleges — and ideas for how to adapt.

CHAPTER 2: Community Colleges and the Ladder to Student Success

Mark Milliron, Civitas Learning

Suzanne Walsh, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This chapter unlocks the thought and value behind the Completion by Design initiative, which provides a 4-step student success ladder for community colleges, as well as strategies to identify where students lose momentum along their educational journeys.


CHAPTER 11: Catching the Waves: Technology and the Community College

Mark Milliron, Civitas Learning

John O'Brien, EDUCAUSE

This chapter explores four waves of how technology has impacted community colleges by providing access for students and helping institutions determine the best path for success. The authors explore two questions related to student success actions: 1) Does this action improve and expand student learning? 2) How do we know this action is doing that?

CHAPTER 1: The Learning Paradigm
George Boggs, Palomar College

Learn how the idea of the learning paradigm around research, teaching, and service has impacted higher education.
CHAPTER 3: The College Promise: Transforming the Lives of Community College Students
Martha Kanter, Former Under Secretary of Education
Andra Armstrong, Civic Nation

Providing free tuition to address social and economic injustices.
CHAPTER 4: Guided Pathways to College Completion and Equity
Kay M. McClenney, Partner at Mc Squared Consultants

Learn the impact of guided pathways on the student experience and how institutions can help students achieve success.
CHAPTER 5: The Community College Baccalaureate Movement: Evolutionary and Revolutionary
Deborah L. Floyd, Professor at Florida Atlantic University
Michael L. Skolnik, Professor of Higher Education and the William G. Davis Chair in Community College Leadership

Discover how the birth of community colleges redefined traditional two-year colleges by including bachelor programs.
CHAPTER 6: Institutional Effectiveness: From Intuition to Evidence
Barbara Gellman-Danley, Higher Learning Commission
Eric V. Martin, Higher Learning Commission

See the six recommended strategies to drive the culture of your institution and include student success.
CHAPTER 7: Recognition, Reform, and Convergence in Developmental Education
Bruce Vandal, Complete College America

Learn how community colleges have evolved their focus to concentrate on developing skills resulting in students completing courses faster than ever.
CHAPTER 8: The Evolving Mission of Workforce Development in the Community College
James Jacobs, Collaborative Brain Trust
Jennifer Worth, American Association of Community Colleges

How the expansion of community colleges to provide workforce development has brought on new challenges and opportunities to evolve.
CHAPTER 9: Eliminating the Gap Between High School and College: What the Next Generation of Transition Programs Must Do
Joel Vargas, Jobs for the Future
Michael Collins, Jobs for the Future
Sarah Hooker, Jobs for the Future
Ana Bertha, Jobs for the Future

The do’s and don’ts of creating, implementing, and evaluating student success programs designed to enter secondary education.
CHAPTER 10: Demography as Opportunity
Nikki Edgecombe, Community College Resource Center

Learn how Hampton Junior College partnered with Central Florida Junior College to increase diversity and student success.
CHAPTER 12: Transformative Leadership Wanted: Making Good on the Promise of the Open Door
Margaretta B. Mathis, National American University
John E. Roueche, National American University

Explore the core characteristics of transformational leadership and the call for these styles to evolve along with the institutions they serve.
Byron McClenney, American Association of Community Colleges

Read about the evolution of community colleges leaders how they have adapted their management styles and how they approach serving their students.